Security Systems

With many options available, security systems can be adapted to include a precise combination of sensors that connect to a central device regulated from a main keypad control. In the event of an emergency, highly sensitive detection devices relay a clear signal to our local monitoring center. If your security system is triggered, our trained staff carefully filters out false alarms and responds swiftly in the event of an actual emergency. The appropriate authorities and your designated contact person are immediately notified. Emergency response protocols are clearly defined with each client along with current technology that ensures co-ordinated and dependable security. You are protected by Patriot Fire and Security 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.


Structured wiring is the primary foundation of your network for voice, data and video distribution in a building or campus. Patriot Fire and Security offers commercial and residential structured wiring that connects all of your electronic hardware to your network to streamline your daily routine. Our structured wiring system is suitable for today’s standards with the advantage of being expanded to meet your future needs.

Video Surveillance

Patriot Fire and Security is a trusted provider of high quality video security equipment, access control technologies and innovative alarm systems. Patriot Fire and Security delivers the latest security technologies and a broad range of security products including IP cameras, embedded DVRs, hybrid digital video recorders, network video recorders and security monitors. Winchester Security Cameras & CCTV Surveillance Installers (



Patriot Fire and Security conducts pre-installation consultation, installation services as well as post-installation inspections to make sure your system is performing at its maximum potential. Patriot Fire and Security undertakes all security maintenance duties for your facility and offers comprehensive value-added services.



With an access control system from Patriot Fire and Security, you will always know who is in your facility. Once your system is installed, you can set specific times for when a door should be locked or unlocked, track entry and exit usage, and change entry and exit permission for different doors. Our access systems are available with the following features:

  • Tracking and timing
  • Battery backup
  • Motion detectors
  • Key scan readers
  • Fingerprint sensors
  • VoIP compatibility


Our central monitoring station is registered with the Department of Criminal Justice Services and UL certified. We provide a 24/7 watch over the welfare of your property. Our mission is to protect life and property and provide you with the peace of mind knowing you are protected.


Whether you are looking for fire protection, security system, structured wiring, access control, monitoring or service to an existing system, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment (540) 667-FIRE.